Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox

The analysis of damaged Lotus Notes files.

The service, provided by Lotus Notes, represents a common environment for its users, the settings, objects and some other items are stored in *.nsf files. The damage of Lotus Notes files, caused by a variety of reasons, may result the stall of common works. If you have not backed up this data, the damage of *.nsf files may cause issues not only for you, but for your partners as well. The service, provided by Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox, can do the following:

  • allows previewing repaired data
  • accesses corrupted Lotus Notes files with *.nsf extension
  • works with all available versions of Microsoft Windows operating system
  • saves the output data in the same format
  • recovers the data if possible and retrieves it into clean files

Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox works on all computers regardless the configuration in use. Moreover, there is no need to install the Lotus Notes environment on your PC, if you are not going to save the output data, the previewing of repaired information does not require the availability of Lotus Notes files. Keep in mind that you may apply Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox on any computer under the MS Windows operating system, there are no additional provisions and extra terms. As soon as the analysis of *.nsf files is completed, Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox provides the results of analysis and converts this data into a clean file of *.nsf format. In this case, the output files, produced by Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox, are fully compatible with *.nsf files, used by Lotus Notes.

This application represents an efficient method of *.nsf file recovery that works in all instances of data corruption, the procedure is always the same. During the processing of selected *.nsf files this application works with copies of input documents only and never modifies the data in use. Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox can process a single file of *.nsf format during a single session of Lotus Notes recovery, the processing of specified *.nsf files implies the absence of modifications in the source files of *.nsf format.

The testing of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox is free of charge, get demo version of *.nsf file recovery application on your PC, install it on any computer in the network and evaluate the efficiency of Lotus Notes recovery tool on any computer in the network. The small size of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox makes it easier, you may download the setup file of this application in several seconds, it is possible even if there are some restrictions for the usage of Internet resources in the local area network in your company. Besides, the usage of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox is not limited in free demo mode, you may keep on evaluating this application for as long as you need and make sure this program is always efficient despite the reason causing the damage of *.nsf files. In the same time, you may evaluate the interface of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox and make sure you do not encounter any difficulties, try to follow its guidelines and evaluate the ease of *.nsf recovery. Keep in mind the network support of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox so you may help your colleagues and open any file of *.nsf format, stored on other computers.

If you believe the evaluation of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox is not enough and you’d like to keep on working with Lotus Notes ASAP, please enter the online store of this tool and purchase its full version. The registration of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox removes all limitations of demo version so you can export the data into clean files of *.nsf format and keep on working with these documents in future.

It is very easy to use, click the open file button after the end of Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox installation and find a file of *.nsf format on your PC to be analyzed, the document you need can be selected from the list or you may enter the path manually, there are no other settings to be considered. Click the Analyze button when ready and get some rest until the processing of selected file is over, keep in mind the process may become time consuming according to the size of selected *.nsf file and to the speed of user computer. As soon as the processing of selected file is completed, Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox moves to the next mode and shows the results of *.nsf file recovery.

Now you may export the successfully recovered items into a clean file of *.nsf format and close Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox. If you have successfully reproduced the process of Lotus Notes recovery, the output file of *.nsf format can be used by the Lotus Notes application on your PC.

Owing to the nature of data recovery services in general, it is not possible to guarantee the success of *.nsf file recovery in all instances and after the occurrence of all issues, damaging the data in Lotus Notes files. Please prepare backup copies on a regular basis if you’d like to guarantee the success in the domain of data retrieval. However, there is one more advice if you’d like to keep your data safe, but Lotus Notes items cannot be restored using a backup copy of corrupted *.nsf files, just start the process of Lotus Notes recovery ASAP to minimize the damage of input files.

Note: Please note that Lotus Notes Repair Toolbox is not open source software or a free tool. This is a regular product with a free DEMO easy version. The program is not provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Our software development team has invested a lot of time and efforts into making it a remarkably efficient product and we have no intention to distribute it as a free tool. We have, however, made its price affordable for everyone.

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Selecting a source file for further processing.
Wait for the file analysis to be over.
Preview of the structure of the data extracted from the damaged *.ncf file.
Specify the destination for the recovered data.
Log file.
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